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    2018 promises to be a great year for Beaucastel !


    Presentation of Beaucastel and project’s stakes by Perrin family



    Général Information

    Teams selection

    • The Project Owner shall short list between 6 and 10 applicants allowed to compete based on their files

      Each selected team shall receive a compensation of 2000€.

    • After a first rendering, between 3 and 6 teams will be chosen on project intentions basis. Each chosen team shall receive a compensation of 10 000€.

    Project’s figures

    • Approximately 4 000 m² to be built and 1 000 m² to be renovated

    • Estimating budget: 8 to 10 million € excl. tax.

    • Architect’s fees amount : around 7.5% of the amount of the works, excluding technical design offices

    Admissibility criteria

    • The competition is opened to every French or foreign architects authorized to exercise in France
    • Architectural agencies not settled in Western Europe are strongly recommended to enter into partnerships with local partners

    Registration fees

    • Registrations are free until February 28th, 2018

    • Applicants or teams finalizing their registration after said date shall pay registration fees of EUR 80 before tax in order for their application to be approved.


    01 | Teams selection

    • February 28th - End of free registrations
    • March 12th  11PM UTC +1 - Application registration deadline.
    • April 6th - Announcement of short listed teams (6 to 10)

    02 | Finalists’ selection

    • April 24th&25th - Visit of Beaucastel estate.
    • May 16th&17th - First step : Project intentions
    • May 18th - Finalist teams announcement (3 to 6)

    03 | Final stage

    • June 30th - Project submission deadline.
    • July 5th&6th - Oral presentation of the projects
    • July - Announcement of the successful project
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  • FAQ

    Is it mandatory to propose engineering design offices and technical consultants ?

    It is not mandatory. The Perrin Family will give higher importance to engineering offices demonstrating environmental or wine innovating processes than classical engineering office (structural, construction economists…)

    Free registration until February 28th, do you mean final validation or first steps in registrations ?

    An application is complete with the validation of the final form. After February 28th, the validation of this final form will be billed 80€ excluding VAT.

    What do you mean by "maximum number of 6 projects including 2 uncompleted/unbuilt projects" ?

    Realised projects: Finished or under construction projects

    Can I join a PDF portfolio to my submission ?

    Unfortunately we cannot accept PDF portfolio. Only BAM portfolio content will be studied.

    Is it possible to visit Château de Beaucastel ?

    Beaucastel visits are not allowed. Only candidates allowed to compete will be invited to visit Beaucastel on April 24th&25th